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Over the recent years the style of rappers in Texas has changed significantly, this is a long shot from the early pioneers in the game that started he double cup, double XXL t shirt wearing and a bunch of chainz aesthetic which seems to categorize most of our early pioneers of Texas music involving hip hop. Texas has for sure had a roll in influencing the culture of music and fashion in the industry, so here we take a look at 10 of the most stylish rappers out of Texas.

Written by Kennedy Onyeahialam (@0nyeahialamK)

1.Travis Scott (@trvisXX)

FullSizeRender (97)

FullSizeRender (96)

Signature Look: Vintage Rap/Rock T Shirt, Washed Denim, Jordan 1, 2 and 4

At the top of the list without a doubt is Houston’s own Travis Scott, The Grand Hustle/Good Music Artist can always be seen in his signature look which always or most of the time consist of a vintage t shirt, washed denim and either Jordan 1,2 or the 4 along side his signature braids and grillz made by @tvjohnny, with co signs from the fashion god himself Kanye West it is safe to say that he secures no.1 on the list


2.Post Malone (@PostMalone)

FullSizeRender (98)

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Signature Look: Saint Laurent, Vintage

Coming in second is South Dallas own Post Malone who just recently dropped a project known as “August 26th” and is currently on Justin Beiber’s Purpose Tour. This care free Dallas native can usually be seen drenched in the latest collections from Saint Laurent also complimenting his style with his jewelry made up of a lot of items ranging from Cartier to even more expensive pieces.


3. Maxo Kream (@MAXOKREAM)

maxo 1

maxo 2

Signature Look: Vintage, Supreme, Rare Sneakers, Crip Flag

Without a doubt Maxo Kream who hails from the SWAT (South West Alief Texas) has influenced a lot of trends that go on in Houston, Texas. “THE FLYEST CRIP YOU’LL EVER KNOW” is far from a slogan. Maxo Khadafi can usually be seen draped in the latest supreme drop or vintage gear he can get his hands on, accompanied along side with a pair of rare sneakers and his signature Crip bandana/flag.


4. Sauce Walka (@Sauce_Walka102)

saucw walka 1

sauce 2

Signature Look: High End Designer, TSF (The Sauce Factory) Chains

The Drip Lieutenant is most def one for the books, His recent project “Holy Sauce” has caused a lot of controversy with it’s cover art in which he feels a lot of artist in the industry are running with this wave of the drip and not paying homage. Sauce Walka style is pretty crazy and diversified, ranging from a lot of comme des garcon pieces, Buscemi all the way to Christian Louboutin.


5. Dice Soho (@DiceSoHo)

dice 1

dice 2

Signature Look: Jordan 1, Washed Denim, Street Wear

Dice Soho has definitely put in work and it is showing for the better. The Houston native has had several features ranging from Famous Dex, Trill Sammy, Maxo Kream and many others. Dice Soho steeze is a little bit of everything mixed with high end and a lot of street wear accompanied with his signature locks and Icey Life Chain.


6. Trill Sammy (@TrillSammyy)

trill sammy 1

FullSizeRender (100)

Signature Look: High End Designer, Street Wear

Trill Sammy has most definitely taken over Texas with his eccentric energy and charisma. With features ranging from Slim Thug, Soulja Boy and many others Trill Sammy is most definitely on his way to top the charts. With over 10,000,000 views alone from YouTube,  Houston we have a problem! Trill Sammy style is also diversified which consist of a lot of street wear and higher end designers like Versace, Burberry e.t.c


7. Hood Fame Go Yayo (@HoodFameGoYayo)

hood fame 1

hood fame 2

Signature Look: Hood Fame Gear, Jordan Sneakers

Forth Worth Native Hood Fame Go Yayo single “BOOM” might be the hottest single out in Texas at the moment. His energy and style separates him from every other Texas rapper out there. Recently released from jail it’s safe to say Big homie Yayo is putting in the amount of work to give him the amount of spotlight he deserves, HOOD FAME 2 is almost on the way. His signature look starts from his hair with a blonde strike running through it, Hood Fame Gear and several Jordan’s.


8. Ugly God (@ImRealUgly)

ugly god 1

ugly god 2

Signature Look: Dad Cap, Jordan Sneakers

With co signs from ILoveMakkonen, Wiz Khalifa and many others Ugly God hailing from Houston and Mississippi is here to stay. With his recent single “Water” already hitting over 2,000,000 views on YouTube everything going on with Ugly God is worth tuning into. From having a lizard bite his nose for Instagram to having another upcoming artist say “UGLY GOD GIVES THE BEST H#@D IN TEXAS”. His style ranges from a lot of vintage gear, street wear and Jordan Sneakers.

9.) Rizzo Rizzoo (@rizzoorizzoo)

rizzo 1 

rizzo 2

Signature Look: Street wear, High End Designer

IT’S HOT!!! Rizzo Rizzoo hailing from TSF (The Sauce Factory) is also one that people should be tuning into right now. With him featured on Dj XO’s single ” I just pulled off the lot” this club banger has most definitely  put him into the spot light. Rizzo Rizzoo energy is very ecstatic and he most definitely has a stage presence. His style ranges from a lot of street wear along side the infamous TSF chain.

10.) Asian Doll (@Asian_Dolll)

asian doll 1

doll 2

Signature Look: Barbie Aesthetic

Dallas Native AsianDoll is a new and  upcoming talent that everyone should have there eyes and ears on. Her music is a cross of straight Barbie and Savage which is new lane that we haven’t seen before. She’s caused a lot of controversy with the weaponry used in her video’s but on the safe side her steeze is one for the books. Check out her project “DRIPPIN IN GLO”



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