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@_TheCheyenne Drops New Single for the Summer


@_TheCheyenne Drops New Single for the Summer

Nowadays it can be challenging to keep up with all the new Music flooding our timelines, and with the emergence of new fusion genres and sub genres it’s easy to get lost. And if you didn’t know, Houston, our city, has turned out some considerably big names in music. Ever heard of Beyoncé? P

So naturally, living in the nations fourth largest city, you come across loads of different music and styles. Some stand out while others don’t. Recently, I heard an artist that stood out. Her name is Cheyenne and her vocals are blazing. 

Her latest single titled “Same Thing” is the perfect splash for a sizzling summer. The vibe is relaxed yet upbeat. When her voice flows thru the speakers any R&B listener would agree it’s nice. But when she starts throwing and popping her voice up against the track…a few seconds later, you might turn your head and ask “Who’s that?” Good question. 

HHHFix: So, you’re currently working on your first official project. What are you looking to do or looking forward to? 

Cheyenne: Finally being able to release everything that I want to say. Being an artist in Houston is hard. They mess with you when you already on top, but I hope people rock with me now to see my growth. 

HHHFix: There are more than a few artist on the scene. What are you doing to stay relevant?

Cheyenne: I’m not on the scene because I’ve been in school a lot so that makes me a fresh face, but I am from Houston. 

HHHFix: How did you get into music?

Cheyenne: My mother, grandfather, cousins and aunts do music. My grandfather played behind James Brown and was a band director for 28 years. He also has a record in the Stacks Museum in Nashville,TN. My mother was classically trained, and everyone in my family went to school for music. I learned every instrument you can think of. (Laughs)

HHHFix: Haha wow, that’s pretty cool. So back to your project. Should we expect any features? Is there anything you are hoping to achieve as a new artist in the city?

Cheyenne: I want this project to be really personal. So, no features this time. I want to make it on my own merit, and being true to myself is really important. 

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