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Alief’s Own @TheDonToliver Is Taking Off In the Music Industry

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Alief’s Own @TheDonToliver Is Taking Off In the Music Industry

It’s very rare for an artists, especially one from Houston, to reach the level of success as Alief’s own Don Toliver. Normally artists emerging from Houston either receive an extreme level of hatred from Houstonians and they take their talents elsewhere or they become trapped as a local artist for a very long time. Toliver on the other hand is an exception. Not only are Houstonians being receptive to his energetic rap style and cultural lyrics, but the rest of the world is enjoying his sound just as us.

With only three singles on SoundClound, Toliver is taking off like a rocket. His first two singles “Diva,” and “I Gotta” are at about 100k views each and his latest release “Make Summ” has passed over 50k in less than a month. Getting the rest of the world to feel the Houston music has always been a problem for the artists in the city, but because of Toliver’s delivery, he doesn’t have that problem.

His lyrical content isn’t dramatically different from what everybody else is saying in Hip-Hop, but the way he puts it out is like no other. His upbeat, tireless flow is almost unheard of in Houston and that’s what separates him from the rest.

“I call it just good music. It’s not even a quick success, It’s just good music. I haven’t felt my success on another level yet, I feel like I just have to keep working. It’s a lot of love out here man.”

Chedda Da Connect was brilliant when he discovered this guy and under the We Run It Empire, I’m sure that he wont lead him in the wrong direction. Thus far, the city loves Don Toliver and is currently waiting on his mixtape. If you’re not familiar with Toliver, check out his newest video “Make Summ” below or click here for more music.

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