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Check out our own @eddiexyoung ‘s Q&A w/ @Louxowens , founder of VBTL


Check out our own @eddiexyoung ‘s Q&A w/ @Louxowens , founder of VBTL

Photos porovided by Mark Blanco

Q: Who are you, what is VBTL, and what does it stand for?
A: just a kid from a small town in miami trying to build my own world , you can call me Lou Owens tho. VBTL is a collective but more importantly a vessel of opportunity for creatives to come together , connect and showcase their work in whatever city we hit. While i can’t tell you exactly what it stands for i can tell you it represents CHANCE , we had models with big followings walk for us & we’ve had kids just skateboarding on the streets make it to runway.

Q: How old are you?
A: young & im getting it , i don’t reveal my age that much for the simple fact that certain people try to lil bro you .

Q: When did you first decide to begin this venture?
A: around 5 months ago it just started as an idea with my bro mark or magainstthemachine as most people know him. We understood that bringing select creatives together can lead to something special .

Q: What do you love most about being an upcoming influence on multiple cities creative scene’s including Houston’s?
A: seeing how the whole VBTL week unfolds in that city . From the news faces you meet , designers showcasing their collections , to the beautiful women that show up to our parties , We try to make it an escape from reality to whoever is involved. Especially in the Houston scene that city means a lot to me , I’m glad people from different places came out to experience Houston and all the dope individuals that stay in that creative scene.

Q: For those who want to become involved how do they?
A: just stay updated with VBTL through insta and Twitter it’s the same handle for both @vbtlife .

Q: Where do you see VBTL as a brand in the next 5 years?
A: constantly doing tours in the US and overseas , fashion week is cool but VBTL week is the next thing .

Q: If you could share one hardship in the process of curating your events would it be?
A: organization, just making sure everybody is in the right spot , knows exactly what they have to be doing , we learned a lot from VBTL Houston in regards to that.

Q: Anything you’d like to personally say or anyone you’d like to shout out?
A: yes , create your own world i can’t stress that enough & appreciate the love and hate you receive on your work . If you’re receiving both you are on the right path . s/o all VBTL you know who you are , longlive asap yams and awge y’all paved the way and s/o Houston MF Texas

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