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@CHEFTALNT ‏Drops Visual For “I Need a Drink”


@CHEFTALNT ‏Drops Visual For “I Need a Drink”

The fact that music is universal is great. Someone you never knew will have you feeling them just by the words in their song. That’s what Diboll native Chef Talnt did with his latest single “I Need a Drink.”

It’s clear what Chef Talnt was doing with this track, he wanted to make a song that people could instantly relate to. He wanted people to feel him now and that’s what exactly happened. The video already past 10 views on YouTube! Anybody over the age of 21 can relate to this. “This the everyday life,” said Talnt. “People go through shit and sometimes you just need a drink.”

The video and Chef Talnt are real blue collar guys. In the video, he working hands on at a mechanic shop and after a hard day, homie just need a drink. It’s simple and catchy. The hook is anthem style and after hear it repetitively, you’ll catch yourself saying “I think I need a drink” by the second verse. His lyrics isn’t so metaphorical, but they hit home so well. In the first verse he said,

“I think I need a drink, maybe like two or three. I a bad week, today I’m not being cheap. The liquor keep callin’ me, so I gotta let it be. Today I’m not drug free.”

Might not be the most lyrical bar, but I know everybody felt that. “I Need a Drink,” is the first single off The Crust To My Soul, which drops soon. This guy Chef Talnt is very popular in the East Texas area. He started out freestyleing years ago and gained some attention in his region and then took his talents to the next level. Like I stated previously, his video did over 10k view and he has over 17k followers on Twitter. We will definitely keep our eyes on Talnt and keep you updated. For now, check out “I Need A Drink” below.

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