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Desiigner’s New Video “Zombie Walk” Is a Mini Movie

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Desiigner’s New Video “Zombie Walk” Is a Mini Movie

In all honesty, despite how anybody feels about Desiigner, he is one creative artist. If you weren’t convinced before, his new “Zombie Walk,” video should. Here is why.

Desiigner, still only 19, did give us a typical music video, the G.O.O.D Music give the world a mini motion picture. And the timing couldn’t be perfect because he gave us a horror film on Halloween. How creative is that?

Off his New English, mixtape the nine-minute short film “Zombie Walk,” directed by Grant Curatola begins with Desiigner racing down a deserted highway on the way to link up with his friends and all of a sudden his car breaks down.

He then hitch hikes a ride with a random trucker and during the ride the trucker begins coughing and he falls asleep at the wheel. That’s where things get real spooky. The driver turns in to a zombie. Dessigner hurry and get out the car, and the zombie trucker starts chasing him!

While running through the gloomy woods, he tries to call his friend King Savage, but his phone looses service. Meanwhile King Savage is at the party, where he……… I can’t tell the movie. Just know the ending is mad ill yo! (New York dialect)

The G.O.O.D Muisc camp is doing a nice job bringing Desiigner along. We grew accustom to dark songs by Desiigner and now we got a video. Dope Super Dope!

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