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Our own @eddiexyoung spoke w/ @dr_mcdaniels the official DJ for @TheDonToliver and Houston’s newest big DJ

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Our own @eddiexyoung spoke w/ @dr_mcdaniels the official DJ for @TheDonToliver and Houston’s newest big DJ

DJ McDaniels x Eddie Young Interview

Q: What’s your name and where are you from?
A: My name is Adrian McDaniels, I was born in Kansas CIty, Kansas. I was raised on the Southwest side of Houston Texas though. West Bellfort and Fondren to be exact.
Q: When did you start DJing and what made you realize that it was your passion?

A: I first started learning to DJ in high school my senior junior year (2011). Me and my friends i grew up with made up a group called PrettyBoii Ent. and we would throw parties. To be honest we was throwing the dopest and wildest parties at that age. Dj Done Deal would be our DJ for all our parties and sometimes he would leave his set up in my room. One day i asked if he could teach me and he did. I Didn’t really pick it up and realize that it was my passion until 2014 when I withdrew from college.

Q: Being the official DJ for Don Toliver, I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of things progress and change in a short matter of time. If there’s one thing that has really taught you a lot this year what would it be?

A: For sure its taught me to trust God, and don’t try to control things that’s out of your ability. From the beginning we all knew it was a team sport and that everybody had a role to fill. I’ve heard people say that you are as strong as your weakest link, but through all these things that have been happening, I can say that if there is a weak link then there is no value to that chain in general. Its basically sterling silver compared to a diamond at that point. Biggest thing is trying to understanding people. Don is my brother been like that since the first day we met, but we come from 2 different backgrounds, so in order for you to work someone efficiently and effectively you have to really try and understand a their point of view of and their perspective on things.

Q: Who are some of your biggest influences? (This is not limited to just artists)
A: My Older brother is the biggest influence. Pretty much made me who i am today. Through stiff ass whoopings, lectures, just all the stuff a big brother is supposed to do he did that. My baby brother as well. I could go into details for days, but i’ll just keep it short and say he is one of the strongest people I know. I like J.Cole. I feel like he is my mentor but from a distance since i never met him. Most things he talks about really hits home to say the least.
Q: Name 5 artists you play every set

A:Don Toliver
Travis Scott
The Weeknd

Q: Would you be open to hosting a Houston up and coming rapper’s tape? If so who would you enlist on it?

A: I would probably do another. Probably one more to be honest. I would put Yb Puerto Rico, Young Deji, Lil Spxrk, Wes Blanco, and Willough.

Q: What can we expect from you before the year wraps up?

A: I dont wanna give too much out, but its a lot of great things lined up. Getting things lined up for 2019.

Q: Anything you want to finish off with or anyone you want to shout out?

A: I just wanna finish by telling whoever is reading this, you are great. Let nobody tell you who you are and who you can become. Everything is possible and the only person that can stop you from what you want to accomplish is you. No dream is to big and no effort is to small, with that being said. I Love you, tell somebody else you love and spread major peace around the world.

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