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Your Favorite Femcee @Chakeetab Just Released Her Visual For “2 Can Play That Game”

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Your Favorite Femcee @Chakeetab Just Released Her Visual For “2 Can Play That Game”

In a Hip Hop era where there has been a resurgence in female rap, Austin Texas native Cha’keeta B is making sure her presence is felt with her new single “2 Can Play That Game.” ft.Nubia Emmon.

In the video directed Rob G Films, Cha’keeta B gets a text from her dude, but the problem was, the message was meant for his side chick. That was enough for Cha’keeta to do the obvious up. Her friend Nubia Emmon then meets her in the car and encourages her to proceed with the surprise pop up. Confident, but fed up with the games, Cha’keeta popped up at the crib while her dude was in the middle of a competitive game of NBA2k. She let him have it!

During the pop up, she hits him with various bars “Let’s be real boy, you’re out of your league/ acting like another n***a won’t choose me. And I ain’t really got time for none of your games, acting like you won’t lose me. So you could pack yo s**t and call that b***h and tell that h*e she can have yo d**K.”

In her mind, Cha’keeta could have easily played the game he was playing, but she wanted to be a real woman and end it rather than being promiscuous. “I wanted to make a track for the ladies to jam, but I also wanted to make something the ladies could relate to. I think a lot of females have been in that position where they could do their man like they do them, but they choose to just get rid of him.

Nubia, the friend in the video, does a great job complementing Cha’keeta’s rap lyrics with her smooth vocals. Yes this is a mad black woman track, but the combination of sounds makes this an awesome track. Like a present vibe of the ’90s. The song “2 Can Play That Game” is a single off up and coming EP “2 Incomparable” that’s set to release in 2018.

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