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@ArianFoster Released His Debut Album as Bobby Feeno

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@ArianFoster Released His Debut Album as Bobby Feeno

Athletes and musicians share many similarities. They are both competitive, technique is a must and the highly skilled are recognized. However, when a successful athlete attempts to crossover to being a musician or artist it tends to be pass or fail situation.

In the case of Former NFL Pro Bowl Running Back Arian Foster, you might be surprised to find out he’s released a new album Flamingo and Koval and also goes by Bobby Feeno. The project is a definite pass. For starters, the album title is interesting because the fatally shot car carrying Tupac Shakur stopped at the red light on East Flamingo Road and Koval Lane. All in all, Feeno aces his first project with flying colors and provides plenty of content for new listeners.

The album begins with jazz infused production hoovering past personal hardships. Things quickly pick up speed as the upbeat sample driven second track confirms the project’s momentum. Before you make it to “Gawd” it’s clear that he’s evolved into an artist not just another athlete giving music a shot. The ladies might find themselves wrapped in the melodic bliss of “Lips” featuring Jack Freeman (the albums only feature). If you make it to “a friend a fan a kid” you’ll get to hear Yeezus briefly preach the gospel over Glasper like keys. There’s also a nice visual to accompany the song (above).

With a familiar rasp and clean delivery Bobby Feeno manages to contribute thoughtful and meaningful social commentary with a well constructed vibe.

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