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HHHFix Exclusive: Michael Artis

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HHHFix Exclusive: Michael Artis

If your a rapper that has anything to do with the Houston rap scene, chances are you already have a couple videos shot by Michael Artis. His videos are a testament to his hard work and perseverance. He is arguably the number one videographer for hip hop music videos and has worked with Houston artists such as: Propain, Doughbeezy, Marcus Manchild,
Killa Kyleon, Slim Thug, Bun B, Zro, Delorean, Bossalini, Kirko Bangz just to name a few! Many of his videos have been spotted on MTV and have been featured on various top blog sites around the world. He stated that his ultimate goal is for #MAF to be labeled as a power-production company. In a few more years, I can see this happening.

Support #MAF and his movement!

 These are some of his popular videos:

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Twitter: Michael_Artis

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