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Jump Stiff With @NoOnesOrdinary New Collection


Jump Stiff With @NoOnesOrdinary New Collection

When it comes to fashion, very few people know the secrets to longevity in the industry. But this one Houston native, Huey knows and has what it takes. His clothing brand, “No One’s Ordinary” is in it’s second year and doesn’t seem to be declining. This new collection he recently released is fresh, in season, and the material is top quality, built to last long. This new collection includes exclusive graphic T-Shirts, multi-color camouflage sweat shorts.  In a brief interview, the owner Huey explain the whole “No One’s Ordinary” concept.

TLG: Where did the idea of No One’s Ordinary come from?

Huey: I think No One’s Ordinary is really self explanatory. But I wanted it to describe how everyone has their own unique style. I want people to feel like their style is different (not ordinary) but at the same time feel cool about it being different and feel good by just being themselves while rocking my brand.

TLG: Why did you take the fashion route?

Huey: The fashion route chose me lol. I was always the kid in school who was hip to all the cool brands for clothes and sneakers. It was something I was known for. I used to create images in my head of how certain things would look but it wasn’t until recently until I decided to actually put things in motion.

TLG: Who do you make clothes for?

Huey: I make clothes for people who enjoy looking good and  have a real passion for getting fly. I like people with unique styles I enjoy seeing how creative people get when wearing my clothes.

TLG: When it’s time to do a new collection, how do you know what’s in season?

Huey:As for “in season” I like to base my color schemes on the current season majority of the time, but I also like to get creative and not box my self in to the “Ordinary”. But If you’re referring to what’s “in style” I believe as individuals we create what’s “in style”.

For more updates on No One’s Ordinary releases, go over to and shop away.

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