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Meet @AlysiaBrunst , founder and owner of @pinkbabyonline

Karrueche rocking her orange pinkbaby skirt


Meet @AlysiaBrunst , founder and owner of @pinkbabyonline

I first found out about Alysia when I was brand ambassador at Do Good USA and was at the time seeking for female models to promote the brand. She wasn’t hard to notice, after all the girl was beautiful. Little did I know that I would be meeting someone who in a few months after would be starting her own brand to revolutionize women’s apparel. Whether it was the soft colored embroidered hoodies or the custom made dresses Alysia was showing that she would be paving a lane of her own. It’s been little over a year and it’s safe to say her brand an extreme amount of growth in a short period of time. I feel it’s unfair to categorize her as an internet brand when she has shown to have all the business aspects of handling a brand down pact. Then recently American Apparel had released an exact replica of what her brand “Pink Baby” has been producing for months. Call it coincidence, but if you ask me this is just another sign she’s headed in the right direction. Already receiving knock offs of her product by industry giants is just one of the many encounters she will face on her journey to the top.

Keep up with Alysia and PinkBaby on social media with the following handles provided below:

Instagram: @AlysiaBrunst @pinkbabyonline
Twitter: @AlysiaBrunst @pinkbabyonline

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