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@MikoRackz and the No Cap Wave


@MikoRackz and the No Cap Wave


New single from Miko Rackz

These days social trends seem to flood our culture more than ever. First you see a phrase bouncing around casually between Instagram and Twitter, and next thing you know, it’s being belted out by the biggest pop stars and getting thrown around on reality TV.  Recently, you may have heard the phrase “No cap” climbing it is way up the social ladder. While this phrase might seem to represent the endless amount of money the Houston Rockets would be willing to throw at all-star James Harden, it actually means “No lie.” Typically, it’s used to emphasize the truth is being told without exaggeration.

Miko Racks is an emerging hip hop artist who has turn this popular phrase into a potential hit song. Bursting through the speakers with trancing melody and rhythm, he weaves imagery of police pulling him over in a stolen car as he bounces from subject to subject to capture the listener’s ear. Less than twenty-four hours ago, he released the song on SoundCloud. And as it seems to be building steam, the New Level Records signee plans to release the song on major digital platforms tomorrow.

We were able to catch up with him and New Level Records CEO to talk about the single and their plans for his upcoming project. The two have known each other since childhood, but only recently began working together. “When I first heard the song it wasn’t even done yet, but I knew it was going to be something special.” remarks D.Luiz CEO and label owner. When we inquired if we could expect any collabs on upcoming projects Miko states he’s more focused on building a fan base than garnering features. “I have a lot of styles to offer” he adds which tells us that this “No Cap” single could be the first of many.

As spring break approaches and college students pile up to get loose, don’t be surprised if you hear this tune spinning all the way through summer and beyond.

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