@Mr4GodOnly Returns To Hip Hop Fix With “Forgive Me Lord”

Port Author native Mr 4 God Only is back with new track “Forgive me Lord.” Earlier this year, he made his Houston Hip Hop Fix debut with his In God We Trust mixtape, now he’s returning with new music but the same message. His new track “Forgive Me Lord,” sends the message of constantly praising the Lord inspite of the many mistakes we make in life. This track is full of realness, repentance and forgiveness. His delivery is like no other. Everyone who loves God can feel this music. He can relate to the youth by rapping and the older generation will respect him for sending a positive message. This type of music is rare so when we get it, it has to be appreciated. Check out Mr.4 God’s only new track “Forgive Me Lord” above. The track is also available on iTunes and Spotify.

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