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@Niqki_Smith Shows How Two Can Play That Game With New Single “Cheat On You”


@Niqki_Smith Shows How Two Can Play That Game With New Single “Cheat On You”

If the city of Houston had a daughter, it’ll for sure be Niqki Smith. Easily. For years, NiqKi Smith, also known as AyoNiQki, has a been multi-talented monster in these streets. Whether it’s from her incredible vocals, effortless freestyles, or her hooping skills; her charismatic personality, on and off social media, has resulted in her being beloved in a deemed hateful city.

With the love and support NiQki has generated over the years, she’s finally decided to focus on her music thoroughly, and although I’ve raved about how people are fascinated with the beautiful songstress, ironically her first single is “Cheat On You.”

Now two wrongs don’t make a right, but NiQki is showing that it takes two to tango with her “you cheat, I cheat” mentality. Some may say, it’s terrible logic, but I say it’s a good quality song with substance. It’s evident that NiQki is a student of music. This song “Cheat On You,” gives you vintage R&B vibes from the production to the content. Over a gentle, guitar-based beat, NiQki confidently tells you how she feels in a pleasantly subdued manner.

Yeah, it sucks that someone wants to cheat on NiQki, and if you watch the visual, you’ll see exactly why. If the pretty face doesn’t win you over, her body the sexy burgundy one piece should. Hits &13, who is featured on the song and gives the guy’s perspective, apparently couldn’t handle commitment, so she went with his friend. Talk about a plot twist.

NiQki “Cheat On You” video shows you how spiteful and sneaky women can be, and the sick part of this entire concept is that she didn’t even offer a breakup. She wants to cheat! At the end of the video, when the homie comes to the door, she says:

“I’ve nothing else to say, number 2 is on the way and when he puts it on me, I swear, it takes the stress away.”


Currently, NiQki is out doing shows and marketing her music, and when she drops more, I’ll be here to give it to you. But for now, watch her debut video “Cheat On Me” above.”

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