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@OmbBloodBath Gets Super Creative In “I Ain’t Never” Visual

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@OmbBloodBath Gets Super Creative In “I Ain’t Never” Visual

One thing for certain, OMB Blood Bath has always been creative with her word play, now the Third Ward ghetto superstar has brought that same creativity to her visuals. Not taking away for her previous videos, but this Sedrick Savoy production is one we’d never imagine.

“I Ain’t Never” begins with a small action figure sized Blood Bath riding through the city on a steering wheel rapping. It sort of catches you off guard, but at the same times it’s captivating. When you’re watching the video, your attention will always be on the tiny sized Blood Bath as she raps maneuvering through the steering steering wheel, money stacks, clouds and everywhere else the video takes you.

Blood Bath is steaming right now, she set the city on fire with her “So Gone” challenge and hasn’t cooled off yet. Hurricane Harvey didn’t even put out her flame. This chick is definitely one of the best in the city. Check out her new visual “I Ain’t Never” above.

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