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@Propain713 & @XOontheBEAT Will Revolutionize Houston Rap With Their “7 Day Theory” Joint Project


@Propain713 & @XOontheBEAT Will Revolutionize Houston Rap With Their “7 Day Theory” Joint Project

For years, the Houston hip-hop culture has been lacking a genuine connection between the legendary hip hop old heads and the new school millennials. The historical Houston hip-hop identity is so embedded in the culture here that it’s rare that the rap legends and their fans gravitate towards up and comers.

Propain and Dj. XO are a rarity. The Hiram Clarke emcee’s ability to blend legitimate rap substance with new school sounds has bridged the gap between the old school and new school. Not only has he earned the respect from the iconic historical rappers in Houston, but he’s maintained enough relevancy to attract a younger demographic of fans, same for the young Alief veteran Go D.J X.O. His unique musical talents have gained the respect from the both crowds as well.

If you were present at 713 Motors last night for Propain’s and Dj. X.O’s 7 Day Theory album release party, you’ll understand why these two guys are revolutionizing and Houston rap.

The combination of beats and substance on The 7 Day Theory is something Houston has never heard before. The beats, which were exclusively produced by X.O, has a tremendous amount of soulfulness fused with all of the hip-hop bass and snare elements for Pro’s fire tracks, and they’re 10 of them. From start to finish, The 7 Day Theory is innovate revolutionary rap. Propain isn’t just rapping anymore; this guy is sort of an activist now.

On this project, which will be available for purchase on March 9, Propain is displaying his versatility as an artists.  Everything that’s coming out of his mouth is substance filled. Rather he’s empowering the Black community, motivating you to get money, embracing women, Propain is dropping all gems. It’s clear that this project is geared to raising people’s consciousness.  The 7 Day Theory has only 10 songs and features X.O of course, Slim Thug, Yung Al, and D Flowers.

Decorated rap legend, Bun B, said the 7 Day Theory was “bars.”  Big Boss O. G Slim Thug called it “lyricism.” The freestyle king himself Lil Ke Ke called it “natural,” but Propain himself calls it “refreshing.”

“I was about 20-30 songs in the (mixtape) and the vibe of the tape, I wasn’t feeling it,” said Pro. “Then I went in to the studio with X.O and I was like a different feeling that I never got. Working with X.O changed my life as an artist.”

Dj. X.O called The 7 Day Theory “amazing.”

“Man this 7 is crazy,” said X.O emphatically. “We actually wanted to do this for a little minute. I been bringing it up to him and we just sat down and got it done. A mixture of me and Propain together, you’re about to get a classic.”

Propain is definitely changing the game in Houston. By bridging the game between the old school and new school, he is reintroducing real rap in Houston.

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