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@Q_Appearance Delivers High Fashion Music With “Steppin” Video


@Q_Appearance Delivers High Fashion Music With “Steppin” Video

Emerging from Acres Home are of Houston, Quality & Appearance has added himself to this recent influx of fresh talent coming from H-Town with latest visual “Steppin.”  At near at 8k views on YouTube, fans are feeling what I call “high fashion music”. Q’s delivery is very peculiar, with a high pitched voice, but if you understand style, then you’ll understand this guy.  On the hook of “Steppin’ he raps’

“Balenciaga prints when I’m steppin, I’m just on my Q s**t some respect it. Givenchy on the buckle, I ain’t flexin. I’m just thumbin through them bands it copacetic.”

If you are a fan of big time designer, staying fresh and cool then Q is your guy, beside this song “Steppin” he also has a brand new song called “Isolation.”  “Isolation” has excellent production, with heavy bass drums, fascinating guitar play. He’s rapping about people not being on the same page as him because they can’t fathom what he has going on, in essence he’s isolated. He of course keeps the Houston culture in his raps, he just delivery it in a different way, but like I said earlier, if you understand style, then you’ll like Q.

“Steppin” and “Isolation” are both tracks from Q’s up and coming album F.D.V (From A Different View). This guy Q is a high fashioned guy, but he has a story to tell for sure. Besides the music, Q has the F.D.V clothing line and most recently, his mom just died unexpectedly.  Q is currently going through a lot, but the music will not stop. There isn’t a date on when the album will drop, but we will definitely be in support. Check out the video to “Steppin” above.

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