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@Realsammiegee Is Making Noise Out Of Conroe, Texas With New Single “TAMPICO”


@Realsammiegee Is Making Noise Out Of Conroe, Texas With New Single “TAMPICO”

Sammie Gee is a literary a lit artist from Conroe, Texas. He already turnt us up with “FIJI,” now he’s giving us another dose with “TAMPICO.”

First thing first, Sammie Gee must thank Kid Ocean for making this beat available for him via YouTube. As soon as the song comes on, the beat will immediately introduce cool vibes and that’s perfect for Sammie Gee because he’s a cool guy.

It’s obvious that Sammie’s goal is to first, get the listener to feel his vibe, then he deceptively turns you all the way up with his smooth party lyricism.

He let’s you know what’s going on from the jump. Sammie’s here to get lit! After the introductory hook, he spits:

“Because the way she work is so hypnotizin’.
I’ve been smokin’, I’ve been sippin’ I’m feeling vibin’
Bring a bottle of Patron and it’s getting bodied.
I’m just tryna hit the top like Summa Cum Laude.”

And just to put emphasis on his turnt up temperament, later on in the track he says:

“Ain’t nobody tippin’, but she’s showin’ out, if you ain’t sippin’ then close your mouth.”

That’s just how real the turn up is with Sammie. On this track “TAMPICO,” this cool kid from Conroe embraced his Hispanic ethic background by ending his lone verse by rapping in Spanish.

Conroe isn’t a household name when it’s comes to hip hop, but Sammie Gee is making it clear, whenever you mention music in Conroe, you’ll going to be mentioning him. Check out his new track “TAMPICO” below and tell us how you feel. For more music from Sammie Gee, click on his SoundCloud link:

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