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Super Producer @JuneTheJenius Wants To Revolutionize Houston’s Music Industry Starting With DJs; View His Twitter Rant


Super Producer @JuneTheJenius Wants To Revolutionize Houston’s Music Industry Starting With DJs; View His Twitter Rant

Although multi platinum producer June James singed with T.I.G, an Atlanta based label, he has always expressed the passion he has for his home town Houston. It’s clear that he wants to see H-Town artists competing with the best as they once did, and his relocation to Atlanta might have given June James a clear vision on why Atlanta works and Houston doesn’t.

Yesterday, he took it to Twitter to vent on why he believes Houston, the fourth largest U.S city by population, is struggling in the music industry. There were tweets leading up to his views, but it got real with this one:

“I don’t think shit in Houston will change musically (nationally) til a new school of dj that’s actually from there takes over.”

So why does June James’ opinion even matters? Here’s why. Reason No. 1, he’s a literally a professional DJ. Of course he still works like a local by promoting his services everyday like the many Instagram and SoundCloud Djs, but this guy is secured. Like I previously stated, he is signed to a label that’s thriving and he produces a bunch of hits. It’s no secret why he calls his team the Hit Cartel.

Reason No.2, his go to guy is Lucci. Lucci has yet to make a bad song since his debut in the music industry. Now that he’s more relevant than ever, He gives June all of his best songs. Two of Lucci’s platinum hits are produced by June. “Keys To The Streets” and “Everyday We Lit.”

And they’re many more reason, but I’m a leave here with this one. If you think June James is just hype, your beyond wrong. He too has been a generational DJ. He has made fire music in almost every era. You remember when kids in the South where dancing to Young Nations’ songs? When kids went viral from YouTube dance videos? June James produced all of there hits. Then he worked his way through the “Houston Hell Hole” of an industry and now he’s a verified platinum producer. This guys didn’t skip any steps in his long journey of DJing. He didn’t cheat his way to the top either. Now he wan’t to change the game.

Before he went on his rant about the Houston Djs, he did give props to the few that they are, but he didn’t hold back his thoughts. See the rant in full here:

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