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Think Of @Trelacedup Debut Solo Mixtape “For The Love Of The Money” As His Come Up Story


Think Of @Trelacedup Debut Solo Mixtape “For The Love Of The Money” As His Come Up Story

If you’re from the struggle but determined to get out of it, Tre Laced Up’s debut solo mixtape, For The Love Of The Money, is for you.

On For The Love Of The Money, the Alief native melodically translates the thoughts of an ambitious person from the hood who refused to let their current situation determine their destiny.

Tre, so passionately, expresses the pain and frustrations he commonly feels from being a victim of poverty, and suffering from the universal hood consequences, like losing his brother Shan Davis to a head shot.

Tre isn’t winning you over with clever metaphors, or trendy rap patterns. His lyrical content is fueled with the agony of being broke, mixed with genuine empathy and affection. His delivery is like a burst of pain on the mic. Energetic flow, but can also versatile enough to add his own vocals if need be.

From 1-11, you can honestly jam every track and feel Tre’s intense emotions on For The Love Of The Money.

The mixtape only has two features, Yung Al on No.3 “Out The Struggle” and D.J. Xo on No. 10 “Way Out,” and the rest of the tape is Tre letting the world know his come up story in a sequential order.

Track 1., the intro “For The Love Of The Money,” is Tre’s mental mindset. After his harmonic introduction, the first bar is:

“For that money, I go running like Usain.”

Immiadieatly, he makes it clear that he’s passionate about paper.

On Track 2., “Early Mornings,” is like Tre’s daily routine. Again, he grabs your attention with the first bars of the track and by then you’re in the loop. He opens the track by saying:

“I’m just up early trying to get it, it’s me against the world that’s how I’m feeling how I’m living. Stacking money to the ceiling, tryna come up on a million. I’m just a hood n***a with a vision, so I was built a lil different.”

If you don’t understand that, then you don’t understand the struggle.

He does have songs for the ladies as well. Track No.7, 8 and 9 “Won’t Give Up,” “Wouldn’t You,” and “All She Want” all dedicated to women. It’s rare that you find artists who’re well balanced. Tre puts in just as much effort into his love songs as he does with his struggle songs.

“Won’t Give Up On Love,” will for sure take you’re heart away. As tough and hard as Tre is, he expresses a vulnerable side for the love of his woman. It’s beautiful. This mixtape is beautiful. He embraces the grinding process of getting out of the struggle and that’s also beautiful.

At worst Tre’s For The Love Of The Money mixtape has too much passion. How can you hate that?

Tre is an authentic representation of everybody grinding to get out. He speaks for ones who emerged from nothing and the ones who are currently making strives. If that’s you, then you’ll understand his raspy high pitched melodies that are unclear at times. The intense energy, quotable lyrics, and great usage of harmonizing makeup lack of articulation.

Enjoy Tre’s mixtape For The Love Of The Money and download it now on Spinrilla while it’s free because it won’t be for long!

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