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@Youngdeji_ Returns With “Jam Dejo”


@Youngdeji_ Returns With “Jam Dejo”

The #IJamDejo campaign is steadily getting stronger and stronger with new album Jam Dejo. Besides clearing being the creator of the “Dejo/Whoa” dance, this young guy from Alief keeps dropping phenomenal music.

Recently, Dejo and his 8Jency camp graced the stage with Lil Uzi in Dallas and Houston and clarified any confusion on who created with “Dejo/Whoa” dance. Not only did they teach Uzi how it’s done, but Uzi brought them on stage where they showed the world.

Strategically, Dejo dropped Jam Dejo right after. Now, Dejo been buzzing around town since his year release of 13 Reasons Why, but new momentum he’s receiving, is considered perfect timing. He’s taking the energy from the Dejo dance and moving it towards the Dejo music.

Jam Dejo is a 8-track project, where is music creativity is on full display. Not so animated, nor metaphorical, but the content along with the Houston culture is there, and he’s delivering it in the smoothest way.  This is music you can ride to, vibe to and even hit the “Dejo” to.

His music is on all digital platforms, but here is the Apple Music link


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