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@Yung_BobMarley Is Letting You That He Gets It “All Off The Trap”


@Yung_BobMarley Is Letting You That He Gets It “All Off The Trap”

Trappers turn rappers is very common in the hip-hop culture, however, Trap Hefe is considered a Trap Athlete. Meaning, eventually he’s going to start trapping his music as well as he traps whatever else it is that he traps.  And he’s starting with “All Off The Trap.”

Hefe, emerging from Alief, is one of the many hustler in that area. The beautiful thing about Alief is that everybody who’s getting money is investing their money into something that’ll potentially make more money. Trap Hefe is giving his music a shot.

In video, “All Off The Trap,” Hefe, keeps it hood. Only trips to the corner store and back to the trap, and as a Trap Athlete, where else do you need to go?

He let’s it be known that nobody, male or female, can toy with him. Although, the work is absent in the video, he for sure makes it clear that he’s strapped. Oh yeah, with the drums too.

As far as the music goes, Hefe has a catchy, but direct delivery. There’s no gimmicks in his rap, and yeah the beat sounds fun, he’s music is serious.

Check out Hefe’s new video “All Off The Trap” above.

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