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Aaron Carter is the brother of Nick Carter. His death is reported currently. He is a well-known pop singer and is 34 years old. His debut album was released in 1997. While the final “Love” album is currently being released in 2018, Due to his role as Lizzie McGuire, he was also recognized. He received a lot of appreciation from his fans and peers when he came out as bisexual in 2017.

Carter’s arrest news

In Georgia, when he was going with his girlfriend (Madison Parker) through Harbersham County, he was arrested. In a case of marijuana possession in 2017, this arrest case happened. While after which he denied these possessions and said that he doesn’t even drink drugs. He makes it clear that people should understand that I will not risk our lives and that we are not involved in this.

Death news

There are close friends who recently told you on CNN about his death. According to the reports, he was found dead in a bathtub. Around 11 a.m., this news arrives that, in California, a person was found in a demise state. Carter Lancaster told this story to CNN.

Cause of death

Actually, there are still no clear causes of death for this man. But still, there are many confusions about this, and it’s not confirmed yet.

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