Cher, 76, confirms her relationship with 36-year-old

The most ongoing news and a gossip comes true. Cher, 76, confirmed that news of a relationship with a 36-year-old. She shuts down these rumours of romance that were circulating on social media about him. So are you curious about who he is? Relationships not only go with age but are actually run on affection and trust, and this couple gives us a really good sense of this.

Previous marriages of Cher

Cher was 76 years old. She was preciously married twice. She was first married to the late Sony Bano in 1975. But unfortunately, it doesn’t last so long. After which she married Greg Allman even before taking divorce. Yes, of course, this marriage was also unsuccessful. Now this new news is in the spotlight.

Dating with Alexander Edwards

She recently confessed that she is dating Alexander Edwards. who is actually known as a famous music producer. Who is right now 36 years old? So it means he is 40 years younger than her girlfriend. Recently, Cher shared his picture along with a love type emoji in a recent post to ensure their relationship for the people who were wondering.

Who is Alexander Edward?

At Def Jam Recordings, he is A and R’s vice president. That boosts multiple musicians. He was preciously in a relationship with the model, and along with her he also shared a son. Amber Rose, an activist and model, was his previous girlfriend. while his son’s name is Slash.

Cher fans’ concern and her replies

As Right after the post begins, his Instagram fan starts to ask questions about this. As a person asked her whether he was her new beau, she replied with an emoji (loved base). While a few people confirmed their relationship and meeting too in the comment section. as they were first met at Paris fashion week. A fan suggested treating her like a queen, to which she replied by offering a crown emoji.

Age gap concerns

Few people show concern about the couple because of their age gap. Someone will ask about Edward’s intentions about this. Few people say that love is not blind. Cher replied to their concerns by saying, “I don’t care what you think.” A fan said that he is worried about her and that in this age there may be something cooking in his mind, to which she replied that each time a choice is a chance. No one knows what happened, and I have lived a life of years because I was not born yesterday.

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