Gigi Hadid and Leonardo DiCaprio Spotted Together at a Halloween Party

After Zayn’s breakup with Gigi Hadid, the rumours of his dating Leonardo DiCaprio come on. Zayn unfollows her ex-girlfriend after an on-and-off relationship with her from 2015 to 2021. This news was circulating due to Zyan’s and Leonardo DiCaprio’s participation in the Halloween party. As the singer only follows 24 people on Instagram, which are mostly his fans, including this model, That’s why people are looking to find a relationship between them.

Zayn and Gigi Hadid are dating.

The couple had been dating on and off for six years and had a daughter together. In 2021, they break up. Now the model still follows him, and even on her daughter’s birthday, she wrote our daughter and tagged him. It means both of them are amiable together for the sake of their daughter. But right now they are not further dating each other. They broke up due to a fight between Gigi’s mother and Zyan. According to the audience, they think that Gigi and her family are toxic. Zayn takes the right decision in separating.

Zayn and Leonardo DiCaprio dating rumors

Being a celebrity is not easier. If a star seems to be dating someone, the audience ultimately wants to know their relationship status. Zayn and Leonardo are both free, which is why in rumors the news of their dating was highlighted. Yet they didn’t confirm this news. They were seen together and mostly in a good mood, enjoying time together. It might be that there’s something cooking in between them. But the couple didn’t confirm anything to me about this.

Relationship rumours about Gigi Hadid

Besides the relationship rumours of the singer Zayn Malik, she is also the subject of rumors. According to different news reports, she is currently dating Leo, 47. According to insiders, both of them have been seen many times together and have been seen in night hangouts together. Before Gigi, he dated Camila, and both of them don’t share a hatred for each other. Either their relationship is only a rumour or they are actually involved with each other, which is still under doubt until they make any statements on it.

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