Justine Skye’s 10 Best Songs of All Time – Houstonhiphopfix

No matter who you are, you’ve probably seen some of Justine Skye’s music videos and thought, What the heck was that? Where did she get those dance moves from? The truth is that she learned them from her older brother, Chase Edwards, who has his own dance crew called the A$AP Mob. Chase taught Justine everything she knows about dancing and because of that, her videos just keep getting better and better. These are Justine Skye’s 10 best songs of all time!

1. Collide (feat. Tyga)

Justine Skye,Tyga

2. Collide (Sped Up Remix)

Justine Skye,Tyga

3. Know Myself

Justine Skye,Vory

4. What A Lie

Justine Skye

5. In My Bag

Justine Skye

6. Build

Arin Ray,Justine Skye

7. Mmm Mmm

Justine Skye

8. Twisted Fantasy

Justine Skye,Rema

9. Intruded

Justine Skye,Timbaland

10. I’m Yours

Justine Skye,VIC MENSA

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