Kid Cudi Confirms “One More Album” After Hinting at Retirement

After the news of him leaving his musical career, it’s a gift for his fans. Recently, in an interview, he said that he was going to end his musical career. After this confirmation of the news, it’s a kind of surprise for his fans. This one might be his last album. Through this last album, his musical career will be ending. This was because of his promise. He wanted to give a last album to his fans. So for that purpose, he recently announced it.

Reasons for leaving a musical career

Ultimately, a singer sings and makes music for their audience. In return, he wants people to listen to or admire it. He believed that he was not achieving much in this field as compared to other singers. Like Jay, Snoop Dogg and Eminem are getting more fame, and Jay feels that he will not stay as long as they can due to their longevity.

Drop date for the album

Right after the confirmation of his music album, people are curious about its drop date. But still, there is no fixed date confirmed for its release. That’s why there is no confirmation that it will be dropped in 2023. However high the chances are that it will be released, Still, there is no confirmation about this either.

What’s the plan for Kid Cudi after leaving music?

Along with talking about his career, he recently saddened his fans. He shows his interest in starting a career as a teacher. So after quitting his musical career, he might be doing this. He also said that he was thinking about working as a kindergarten teacher after leaving his musical career.

Previous work of rapper Kid Cudi

He preciously gives us singles or songs after collaborations. In September, he also shared his album, which is named “Entergalactic,” after the Netflix series of the same name. He also releases his single as a lead single, “Do what I want.” He works in collaboration with Ty Dolla Sign in releasing his single, “Willing to Trust.”

Collaborations with Kid Cudi

Yes, he works on multiple collaborations. He collaborated with Steve Aoki, Don Toliver, and Ty Dolla Sign. He releases his singles like “Burrow,” “Can’t shake her,” “Can’t believe it,” and “Somewhere to Fly in the Air” in collaborations.

last album of 2020

Kid Cudi’s last album was released before this time in 2020. These songs were so electrifying and amazing in rhythm. This was narrated as “the man of the name-III.” His album receives huge appreciation from his fans and successfully wins a 4-star review. No doubt he plays an important part in making music and serving it in the best way possible. And no one can copy his singing skills.

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