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Three-time Grammy Award winner Lizzo is the author of popular songs including “Juice,” “Good as Hell,” and “Truth Hurts.” Cuz I Love You, her debut major label album, entered the Billboard Top Ten in 2019. Lizzo is a combination of Lissa’s childhood nickname and the Jay-Z song “Izzo.” She was aiming to become an orchestral flutist before earning a name for herself in rap and music. Lizzo has kept up her flute playing throughout her career, from live performances to samples on her first album.

Childhood and Family

izzo, whose real name is Melissa Viviane Jefferson, was born on April 27, 1988 in Detroit, Michigan. She grew up in the suburb of Detroit called Detroit, before moving to Houston, Texas with her family when she was 10 years old. Lizzo’s father was a jazz musician, and she credits her love of music and performance to him. Lizzo has three siblings, and her family is of African-American and Native American descent.

Lizzo began playing the flute at a young age and later learned to play the piano and saxophone. She attended the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Houston, where she studied classical music and learned to sing opera. After graduating from high school, Lizzo attended the University of Houston, where she studied classical music and opera. She later dropped out of college to pursue a career in music. Lizzo has said that growing up, she struggled with self-esteem and body image issues, and she often turned to music as a way to cope with these challenges. She has been open about her struggles with mental health and has become an advocate for self-acceptance and body positivity.

Classical, Rap, and Rock kinds of music

Lizzo is known for her soulful and powerful vocals, which she combines with elements of various genres to create a unique and energetic sound. Lizzo’s music often blends elements of pop, hip hop, and R&B, and she is known for incorporating flute solos and other instrumental elements into her performances.

Lizzo’s music career began in the underground hip hop scene in Minneapolis, where she started performing as a rapper and singer. She released several independent albums and EPs, and her music gained a following on social media and streaming platforms. In 2019, Lizzo released her major label debut album “Cuz I Love You,” which spawned several hit singles and earned widespread critical acclaim. The album features a mix of pop, R&B, and hip hop, and showcases Lizzo’s powerful vocals and confident lyrics.

In addition to her work as a rapper and singer, Lizzo is also a skilled flutist and has incorporated elements of classical and rock music into her performances. She has been known to perform flute solos during her live shows, and has also incorporated rock-inspired guitar riffs and drum beats into her music. Lizzo’s diverse musical influences and abilities allow her to create a unique and dynamic sound that appeals to a wide range of audiences.

The journey toward making music

Terms admitted that she wasn’t pleased with all and quit her day job to pursue music full-time. She admitted to being depressed at work to GQ Magazine.

She had always known that she wanted to be a musician, but there was no financial reward. After graduating from university, she was forced to take a position at an office as a digital marketer in Lagos. But she persuaded herself that she had to stop lying to herself.

Producing music

Her ability to create music wasn’t at all simple. She used production waste to create her EP, “For Broken Ears.” She has already learned how to create beats on YouTube. She completely switched to music after quitting her work in 2018, although she was truly struggling financially. She had to rely entirely on her aunt. Lizzo was inspired by Minneapolis-based music legend Prince while she was residing there. She played at his events and was featured on his 2014 album Plectrumelectrum. In 2020, she remarked, “I will always be grateful for being hugged by Prince.

Break-through achievement

Because “the big Black girls were always the belters, and I’ve always been frightened of being pushed into that box,” Lizzo had difficulty using her full vocal range. Cuz I Love You (2019), her debut album for a major label, served as a showcase for her versatility. Lizzo’s romantic heartache served as inspiration for this album, which featured heartfelt ballads, intriguing raps, and dance-friendly tracks.

Cuz I Love You reached the top ten on Billboard. Lizzo added more dates to the tour after the album ran concerts sold out. The struggling single “Truth Hurts” was then included in a film and went on to become a hit.

In addition to her platinum-certified hits “Truth Hurts,” “Good as Hell,” and “Juice,” Lizzo also had a successful year in 2019 with a stunning pink Met Gala outfit, a standing ovation from Rihanna, and a performance of “Truth Hurts” at the BET Awards. She also appeared in the motion picture Hustlers (2019).

Lizzo received eight nominations for the 62nd Grammy Awards, the most of any artist that year. She won three prizes: Best Urban Contemporary Album for Cuz I Love You, Best Pop Solo Performance for “Truth Hurts,” and Best Traditional R&B Performance for “Jerome.”

Although Lizzo was the subject of a copyright controversy regarding “Truth Hurts,” the case against her was later dropped. She did provide credit to the woman who had tweeted.

In 2021, Lizzo and Cardi B released “Rumors.” It was Lizzo’s first single to be released since the year 2019. Regrettably, the announcement sparked negative remarks on social media. Lizzo described the comments as “fatphobic, racist, and nasty” during an Instagram Live video. “What I won’t accept is y’all doing this to Black women, especially us big Black ladies, over and over and over again. When we don’t fit into the box that you want to put us in, you just release hatred upon us.”

Positive Body Image and Self-Concept

Lizzo has acknowledged, “I was body negative for a very long period. In the end, she concluded that “I need to find a way to like myself if I’m going to survive in this body, be happy, and genuinely enjoy life.”

Lizzo is cautious about some of the praise she has received for her body positivity, though. She told Glamour, “I don’t like it when people believe it’s hard for me to perceive myself as beautiful. I dislike it when people express disbelief at what I do.

Lizzo has claimed that “body positivity only exists because body negative is the norm.” She expresses her desire for acceptance of all body types to one day become widespread and go beyond the realm of entertainment “A Black female in plus size is present at the Grammys. However, you know what I mean? Plus-size Black women still don’t receive the care they need from doctors, hospitals, or employers.”

Here is the track listing for Wizkid’s forthcoming album, MLLE.

The song was a highlight after appearing on Wizkid’s “Essence” off his “Made in Lagos” album, and it has since grown to be one of Nigeria’s biggest crossover hits (with songs like Ckay’s Love Nwantiti, Fireboy’s “Peru,” and Burna Boy’s “Last Last”). The song was also included in the Billboard Hot 100’s top 10 charts.

Collaboration with Grace Jones

She recently collaborated with Grace Jones on a song for Beyoncé’s newest album, “Renaissance,” which was released in 2022. Additionally charting on the Billboard Hot 100 the song “Move.”

  • Themes also contributed to the song “Lift me “by Rihanna for Black Panther, which is a dedication to Chadwick Dr the Billboard Hot 100 and the first African artist to do so. “I strive to improve myself every day. I always work on improving myself, and that includes my music if I have a bad reaction to someone.
  • “Now that I know the hierarchy of authority, I no longer look to celebrities for fashion advice. A stylist is dressing them, taking her cues from a 16-year-old roving the streets of Melbourne, Australia. When I discovered the line of command, I immediately began spreading the word on the streets.
  •  “There are many subliminal influences from Detroit that I have. I mean, I was there for the first ten years of my life. my parents were born.
  • How Lizzo became a household name. She relocated to Minneapolis in 2011, and in 2014, artist Prince “co-signed” her music and allowed her to appear on his song “Boy Trouble.” This was her big break. When I heard that song, Prince was the first person who made me feel acknowledged as an artist, the singer told NPR.


Temilade Openiyi, also known as Terms, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, and record producer who was born on June 11, 1995.

She gained notoriety when she appeared on Wizkid’s 2020 single, “Essence,” which received a Grammy Award nomination and peaked at number ten on the Billboard Hot 100 after receiving an additional feature from Justin Bieber.

For Broken Ears, her debut extended play was published on September 25, 2020. After signing with RCA Records, Terms released her second extended play, If Orange Was a Place (2021).

Future sampled Tems’ vocals from her song “Higher” in 2022, and as a result, Terms was listed as a featured artist on Future’s single, “Wait for U.”

She became the first African artist to debut at number one and the second Niger…

“Truth Hurts”

There’s a good reason why this song became popular. This upbeat jam is classic Lizzo and deserves praise, even if it is a little late. It was also featured in the film Someone Great and served as the basis for a TikTok meme. It’s self-assured, humorous, and most importantly, ridiculously catchy.

“Batches & Cookies”

Lizzo made a name for herself as a rapper to watch with her first song. The song “Batches & Cookies” is a great reminder of Lizzo’s amazing flow, even though the celebrity has recently pushed more toward her pop and R&B inclinations.

“Good as Hell”

The song that launched Lizzo’s rapid rise was “Good As Hell,” not “Truth Hurts,” which was her first chart-topping single. With the eternally danceable song, Lizzo’s star started to climb as the music industry started to take notice of her. We can understand why, since the song’s message of self-love combined with a catchy melody make this single an incredible knockout.

“Better in Color” is a universal love celebration. The song’s beat is just as intense as its powerful vocals, easily distinguishing the music.


“Juice” by Lizzo is a prime example of how she has come to be associated with songs that promote female empowerment. The bass rhythm and funky guitar licks highlight the singer’s assured demeanor as she jams her way through all of the reasons she’s a boss. The song to listen to if you want to feel good about yourself is “Juice.”


With a brass chorus and some of Lizzo’s most amazing vocals to date, “Worship” is another standout of the artist’s superb Coconut Oil EP. It shares some of the same upbeat sentiments as “Juice” and “Good As Hell.”


Another brilliant display of Lizzo’s rhyming prowess, “Boys” features some of the singer’s best funk vibes as she waxes lyrical on her relationship with males. When Lizzo sings, “Baby, I don’t need you/ I just want to freak you,” she makes her goals clear.

Tempo (feat, Missy, Elliott) 

Who better to team up with this hip-hop queen than Missy Elliott, a megastar? Lizzo’s “I love myself” message evolves into “I’m sexy and I know it” on this trap-infused banger, making it one of Lizzo’s best songs to date. Missy’s verse only adds to the badass vibes that this song will leave you with.

My skin

Lizzo doesn’t often sing ballads, but “My Skin” shows that when she does, she more than holds the song. In the song, Lizzo learns to embrace herself for who she is and sings, “I can’t wash it away, therefore you can’t take it from ME/my brown skin,” reflecting on society’s propensity for racism and fat-shaming.


  • Lizzo captures everything about her on this soulful slow jam, from her no-nonsense demeanor (particularly with this particular dude, who is reportedly named Jerome) to her flawless vocals. In between a smash like “Juice” and a ballad like “My Skin,” “Jerome” adds yet another fresh hue to this star’s musical palette.
  • Lizzo’s father died when she was 20 years old. It was a tragic loss because the two had been close. After her father’s passing in 2010, she quit the progressive rock group. Lizzo went to Minneapolis in 2011 at a friend’s invitation after a brief stay in Denver. She quickly became a part of the local music community. She appeared on stage with the female ensembles Chalice and GRRRL PRTY. 2013 saw the release of Lizzobangers, her debut album, on an indie label.
  • 2015 saw the release of Big Grrrl Small World, another album by Lizzo. She quickly signed with Atlantic Records after that. Lizzo’s EP Coconut Oil was released after she relocated to Los Angeles (2016). As an opening act for Sleater-Kinney and other live music acts on MTV, she also began presenting Wonderland.

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