Melanie Brown says the Spice Girls “cried” over her engagement to Rory McPhee

Mel B stated recently that she is engaged, and an incident that happened after this news She confessed that she sees that stars Emma Bunton and Mel C, who were the fellows at Spice Girls, started crying. They suddenly reacted to her engagement with Rory McPhee.

Melanie Brown and Rory McPhee

Both of them are engaged to each other. Melanie confirmed that news, saying the reason behind this was his romantic nature. They recently got engaged last week. Rory McPhee was a hairdresser.

Thoughts of Melanie Brown about Rory McPhee

She confessed that I feel too comfortable and secure in his presence, and I feel he is right for me. He will protect me, and his nature is too good. She was admiring him and saying that I am very lucky that he is such an honest and amazing person that I always want to have. All of these were told by Melanin Brown to Hello magazine.

Why did Emma and Mel cry at this news?

Melanie Brown confirmed that after hearing about this amazing news, both of them cried. They were both so happy for us. They all sent their amazing congratulations cards too. She further added that it was because they both love Rory. After which the singer confessed that it’s the first time they like my boyfriend.

Her bandannas push her towards Rory.

Further in the interview, she added that my bandmates had been pushing me for togetherness for years, as we both can be romantic couples. But I only said that he was my friend, which he actually was at that time.

How do they know each other?

She added that she knows him for about two decades—actually, my cousin introduces me to him. McPhee proposed to her by offering her a ring, which she added that he had designed all by himself, even though he had been hiding it in his socks for three months. In their hotel room, he proposed to Mel B.

Previous relationships of Mel B, aka Melanie Brown

She was married to Stephen Belafonte, who broke up with her. The reason behind her divorce was the abuse allegations in 2017, and she parted ways. Later on, she was also married to Jimmy Gulzar, who was a dancer by profession. Both of them have a child together named Eddie Murphy. But this marriage also lasted from 1998 to 2000, meaning only 2 years of togetherness.

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