Quavo and Takeoff go on a horror-themed tour in the new music video for “Messy” off their cooperative struggles specifically Built for Infinity Links. 

Quavo and Daps directed the latest video for the duo’s most recent hit, “Messy,” which starts when the former wakes from a weird dream. Takeoff admits to Quavo from the passenger seat, “I thought I was tripping,” after knowing they shared the same dream. They then put their shades back on and go back to sleep.

They go through a dimly lighted, cobweb-covered home in the dream where quarrels break out around every corner as children rush up and down the hallways. However, the couple is unwilling to deal with the tension.

Quavo and Takeoff watch the ruckus happening around them without getting involved in any of the chaos (things quickly get messy, guests begin throwing food at each from across a dining, A couple fights at the dinner table while children run through the halls, and a heated card game at the table escalates into a screaming match).


On Monday, October 31, the group released the Quavo and Daps-directed video just in time for Halloween. Before they wake up, The Quay and Take are both disturbed by their dreams while they sleep in a car.

The video progresses into a home where the Atlanta, Georgia natives experience some unsettling moments as they explore different rooms and come upon several peculiarities.

“Messy” generated a lot of discussion when the album was first released as a result of fans’ interpretations that Quavo was alluding to his split from Saweetie and allegations that she may have been having an affair with one of his squad members.

When the album was released “Messy” caused quite a commotion because of the speculation from fans that Quavo was alluding to his split from Saweetie and the claims that she might have had an affair.

“I said ‘Caresha, please’ reason she too messy / Bitch fucked my dawg behind my back? / but I wasn’t stressed You wanted the gang? ” Huncho rapped, “You should really just say it; we would’ve just blessed it. “Now everything is getting messy,”

Although Quavo did not specifically identify anyone, many listeners assumed he was alluding to Offset, his cousin and rhyme partner, having an extramarital affair with Saweetie. They suggested this was the cause of the Migos’ abrupt breakup earlier this year.

Others fans thought Quavo was referring to Lil Baby, an Atlanta rapper who was allegedly involved with Saweetie last year.

The tunes “Stand On It” and “Not Finished” from the 4PF boss’s recently released album It’s Only Me appear to address the subject. Fans believed Baby was somehow connected to the messy dispute between Quavo and Saweetie after hearing him spew a few verses.

On the song “Stand On It,” he raps, “I don’t want you bitch, we can’t switch out / They aren’t on shit, its well tell them pop out (Pop out).”

Then, on “Not Finished,” Lil Baby appears to refer to the photograph of the Icy Girl supposedly sitting on his lap while they were out shopping in New York, which sparked speculations that they were seeing each other last year.

She posted a photo without asking my permission, “Man, these women are wild. On the song, a baby rap.

Even though Quavo and Takeoff are currently managing their business as a duo, they are still open to Offset joining them in the Migos under one condition.

Quavo asked the Drink Champs podcast cast who, excluding OGs, they thought could compete against him and Takeoff in a Verzuz match-up. N.O.R.E. was unable to make a decision and instead questioned whether there was a potential that fans might witness a special Migos Verzuz reunion.

And we’re not going to hold a Migos reunion for Verzuz? No? Before Takeoff, N.O.R.E questioned, “That’s not going to happen. If the check’s right, that is.

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