Taylor Swift makes history as the first artist to occupy the entire top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 in the same week

Music is not only a special form of entertainment; it also helps in joining people emotionally and to relax mentally. Swift Taylor is the most popular singer and is always successful in winning her fans’ hearts. This time she is enjoying the biggest success of her career by being nominated for a hit list of billboards. Billboard releases their list of the top 100 hot songs. These are based on public demand and are thus selected according to it. For the very 1st time in history, all ten playing songs by a lady singer are included in this list. It’s happening for the first time in 64 years of history. Every singer dreams of getting acknowledged for their work.

Any other singer with the same achievement in history

Looking at history, it’s happening for the very first time. Mostly, it doesn’t seem like it happens. As different songs from different singers are coming up on the list, So far, it has not been seen in 64 years. But in 2021, the same results were seen, with 90% similarity with a singer. Drake is the singer who was similarly nominated in 2021. But he was nominated due to his nine song list. So it means the old record is being broken right now by this leading lady. So it’s a grand moment for her to nominate me here.

Midnight’s album details

This was her most successful album in her lifetime. This album was released in October 2021. This was the hit who left behind the success of 2021’s “Lover Boy Drake’s Hot Song List.” This album was found to be the most famous one in history. On the Billboard 200 chart, the album comes in at number 10. Such a double-hit songmaker is ready to come on this billboard hit list. Her top hits, including “Anti-Hero,” “Karma,” and “Marron,” and like wise all other remaining 7 songs, are included in it.

Collaboration with Lana Del Rey for a track called “Midnights”

For serving the best song on your top records, this was also on number 4. This is truly available, with a lot of great additions. Fans surprisingly reacted to this when Taylor mentioned it. This combination resulted in a brand new type of show for the audience. Enjoy this special addition that was selected for number 4.

List of the top 10 nominated hot songs out of a 100-song list

So all 10 songs win the hearts of their audience by making a huge difference in their lives. The steaming number, sales, and airplay audience clearly define why these are included in the 100 hot lists. Due to high public demand and their preference to watch, they entered a new musical era. We are sharing the list of these top 10 trending hot songs below. You can also admire and watch it out on your own on official website or at her pages.

Table : showing total 10 top hot songs mentioned in billboards. 

Ranking noSong titleStreamsAir play audienceSales
No. 01Anti-heroAbout 59.7 millionAbout 32 million13,500 sold
No. 02Lavender HazeAbout 41.4 millionAbout 2.4 million2,800 sold
No. 03MaroonAbout 37.6 million471,0002,900 sold
No. 04Snow on the BeachAbout 37.2 millionAbout 37.2 million2,600 sold
No. 05Midnight RainAbout 36.9 million449,0002,200 sold
No. 06BejeweledAbout 35.5 millionAbout 1.6 million16,100 sold
No. 07Question…?About 31 million425,00021,400 sold
No. 08You’re on Your Own, KidAbout 34.1 million498,0001,500 sold
No. 09KarmaAbout 33 millionAbout 1.9 million3,400 sold
No. 10Vigilante ShitAbout 32.2 million424,0006,400 sold

Rankings of the top 10 songs

As you see in the table above, 10 songs were mentioned. Further on this list, her songs are given rankings according to their streaming and sales rate. While on ranking number 4, the nominated song was also a hit, in which she ft. Lana Del Rey. Antihero was her first top song, with 59.7 million streams. While her song with 32.2 million streaming records was seen for her song number 10. That was titled “Vigilante Shit.” These ranks are given according to public demand and high popularity.

1. Anti-hero

This title seems interesting. Its streaming rate actually shows why it is so popular among audiences. With 13,1500 sales, it marks the top position in this ranking list. Because it’s a master piece by her, that’s why its airplay audience hits 32 million people. However, this song places in the top spot due to its high rating. If you didn’t hear this song, go and listen to this musical piece, and ultimately you will know the reason behind its success.

2. Lavender Haze

This song carries a strong position in the top 10 hot song list. with a streaming rate of 41.4 million streams per day. With securing position 2 in the billboard list, its sales are 2800. This musical song is strongly mentioned by various people. This applies a best appeal towards their listeners. This song is really popular and exciting on billboards.

3. Maroon song

This hits the third spot on Billboard. The steaming rare was found to be 37.6 million. highly in demand song that gains a huge level of popularity there. With a 2900 sales rate, it balanced its position in a well-off way there. This one is also nominated for the “100 Hot Songs” list. Tayloe Swift was really successful with her albums, and that’s all that was the result of the great amount of effort that was put in.

4. Snow on the Beach

The song blended with the voices of Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey. This featuring results in a master piece of music on your way. The struggle appears to be going in your favour. This song is played by an audience of about 37.2 million this way. Hence, there’s nothing wrong with saying that together we can find better results. This combination is really hot. A full-on musical combination with a lot of entertaining pieces of video is placed on it.

5. Midnight Rain

This song is also going to remind you about the romantic environment. This song is about love for everyone who cares and strongly likes the concept of rain and its flow. This song comes your way with a 2,200 sales rate. This one is nominated due to the deadly combination of the musical instruments and beats in it. Winning hurts 449,000 people who continuously want to play on the air. This song attains a popularity level by standing at ranking no. 5.

6. Bejeweled

This one can be seen with the best on-going video concepts. The hot number 06 song was a deadly combination that came on your screens. This song also strongly places itself in its position with the best sales record of 16,100, however less than her other songs. But still, this counts as number 6 due to its amazing track. This was on streaming with 35.5 million records.

7. Question…?

This song asks a kind of question that is really beautiful. You will love to listen to this amazing track. Hence this one is stranding on position 07 due to the best musical combinations here. It seems to be such an amazing way to ask questions in such a musical way. Hence, this one is also pleasurable to see there.

08. You’re on Your Own, Kid

This kind of exciting song that seems very soothing to listen to. This kind of exciting play is always made to win hearts. This is a highly demanding song with a lot of fans on the way. With 1500 sales, it stands in the music industry. with a stream of 34.1 million on the way. a kind of self-motivating song that one is really creating a best memory for you.

9. Karma

It’s a kind of amazing lesson. This one is really making a lot of effort in this way. With a highest sales total of 3,400, this song places a special rank on the top lists. However, this is listed on page 9. with a highest streaming rate of 33 million, it still balanced at number 9.

10. Vigilante Shift

This song is a totally unique combination, which is the reason behind its success. A lot of people want to hear the songs of this genre. This song is highly highlighted there, having secured a 6400 sales rate on the charts. Thus, this was mentioned with 32.2 million in streams.

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