Tom Brady Addresses “Amicable” Divorce From Gisele Bundchen

After months of speculation about Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady’s divorce, a new confirmation has emerged. There are fans anxiously wanting to clear this air that is running about them. Finally, after a long time of waiting with a lot of confusion, both of them give their point of view.

Gisele known as a supermodel and an activist in their profession as well. Both of them individually released their statements. Both of them amicably ended their 13-year-old relationship due to multiple personal reasons between them. According to them, their relationship ended after thirteen years of matrimony.

Tom Brady, on October 31, confirmed his divorce from Gisele in his weekly podcast. While Gisele, a well-known supermodel, also clears the air about this news. However, both of them confirm that they have ended their relationship for the time being.  Besides this, they always strongly stand together for their children and always work as co-parents for them. Hence, both of them amicably separated after taking a friendly decision.

tom brady and gisele

He further stated in his weekly podcast that now his main focus is on doing three main things. Firstly, I want to prefer my family (children) on top. After that, on the second number, the most important thing for me is to play my game with the best enthusiasm. According to him, he had faced a lot of challenges in his life, from childhood to now. For years, I always tried to perform my best on TV and in my life. At the age of 45, he is trying to focus fully on his game and children. He stated that he would give the most priority to his children. He admitted that as parents, we both perform our best duties towards our family. Hence, these points were explained by him in the Jim Gray podcast. Similarly, Gisele also confirmed in her post that for her, the children will be her priority. 

They have 2 children, a girl, and a boy together. The age of their boy is 12 and is named Benjamin. While there is a girl 9 years old who’s named Vivian Lake. So, for the sake of these two children, they decided to give them their best. After 13 years together, there is emotional communication that develops naturally in a family. So, after spending so much time together, it’s a difficult task, but they accept it for their improvement. Both of them wanted to carry on their focus and wanted to move for betterment in their career directions.

While Tom also has a 15-year-old child from his ex, As result, a child from his ex is also his responsibility. They both stated that they would take care of them together, but the environment around them will change. No doubt, in these conditions, children suffer, even though their parents try to take care of them separately. Because after a time, their parents will move on with their newer partners and the children will feel this. But still, we all hope to give all of them a better future. As their parents amicably decided together for their betterment.

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