Love Me More Lyrics Sam Smith

love me more sam smith

Love Me More Love Me More Lyrics Have you ever felt like being somebody else?Feeling like the mirror isn’t good for your health?Every day I’m tryin’ not to hate myselfBut lately, it’s not hurtin’ like it did beforeMaybe I am learning how to love me more It used to burnEvery insult, every wordBut it helped […]

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Dua Lipa – Levitating song lyrics

Dua Lipa

Levitating Song Levitating Song Lyrics If you wanna run away with meI know a galaxy and I can take you for a rideI had a premonition that we fell into a rhythmWhere the music don’t stop for lifeGlitter in the sky, glitter in my eyesShining just the way I likeIf you’re feeling like you need […]

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Kiss Me More Doja Cat (feat. SZA) Song lyrics

doja cat kiss me more song lyrics

Kiss Me More Doja Cat (feat. SZA) Lyrics We hug and yes, we make loveAnd always just say “Goodnight” (La-la-la-la-la)And we cuddle, sure I do love itBut I need your lips on mine Can you kiss me more?We’re so young, boyWe ain’t got nothin’ to lose, oh ohIt’s just principleBaby, hold me‘Cause I like the […]

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Introduction to Jay-Z and the top 10 jay-z songs

jay-z top10 songs

List of top 10 jay-z songs He is one of the best artists that is actually known due to his unavoidable musical career. He can work harder and is capable of working with all rappers. So that’s why it’s too difficult to separate and describe his top 10 admirable songs. These 20 encapsulated songs are […]

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Kiana Ledé EX Song Lyrics – HoustonHipHopFix

EX by Kiana Ledé

EX by Kiana Ledé Kiana Ledé EX Song Lyrics Hey, yeah, uh We went from 2 a.m. calls to zero communication, yeahWe spent too long in heaven that we felt the elevationJust ’cause it’s different and we’re not the sameDoesn’t mean things have to changeI got no trouble with my pride, got trouble cutting ties […]

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